Welcome To The Ring Masters!!

JD Sweet:  Creator, Writer of The Ring Masters
Welcome all. Thanks for sharing in my creation and writing of The Ring Masters. Enjoy navigating this site and the work of Marcos and Jing!


Marcos Medina: Artist, Letterer, Colorist
Marcos at 2018 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle) displaying his work and…The Ring Masters!


Jing Wastart:  Colorist for The Ring Masters
Introducing–Jing Wastart, new member of The JM Comics team, working hard on The Ring Masters, Issue #2.

At present, there are 3 issues of The Ring Masters in print.  The Preview Issue #0 introduces the characters as they engage in a secret mission on Onteria Prime, a city located on the rings of Saturn.  Issue #1 continues the secret mission and (spoiler alert!) the rescue of Daniella and Danny, and offers the beginnings of the back story of all the characters.  Issue #2 expands the intrigue, and continues the back story context and much, much more!

Actually, there are 4 issues of The Ring Masters.  Issues #0, #1, Issue #2 Black and White Variant (which is an issue with just the black and white pencil and inks, no lettering at all, just the raw pictures, and Issue #2 full color and letters.  As of this writing, Issue #2, full color/letter version is in its final editing stage and will be off to the printer be the end of the week–March 8.

As the final stages of this site are completed, all issues of The Ring Masters will be available for purchase, as well a prints and other merchandise.  Be sure to check things out a become a subscriber to this site.  My next post I will be sharing information about upcoming issues, and a new The Ring Masters story line called The Chronicles of Jadoon.

In the meantime, feel free to check The Ring Masters Comic page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheRingMastersComic/    Check out my previous posts and Like and Share the page.  Also, check out the videos and get that free download of the Preview Issue, write a quick review and let all your friends know about the current and upcoming adventures of The Ring Masters!!

JD Sweet

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