01 Issue 2 front cover
Issue #2 Cover by Marcos Medina

Issue #2 of The Ring Masters in off to the printers and will be released during the first week of April, 2019.  A work in progress due to many interruptions, it continues the rescue of Danny and Daniella, introduces new intrigue and new mysteries.  Be looking for it on our new web site:       https://theringmasterscomic.wordpress.com

Issue #3 is already in the works, with Marcos panneling out the script.  We will be chatting this weekend to finalize the production schedule and I will let all know what that will look like as soon as we work out the details.

Do take time to read the Stan Lee Tribute in Issue #2.  Such a profound influence on me from way, way back and I wanted to acknowledge as much as best I could.

I am also writing two other The Ring Masters stories, one, entitled The Chronicles of Jadoon, will give the backstory of how that planet “died” and its inhabitants had to seek new worlds–Saturn being one of the choices.  This is scheduled to be a mini-series composed of eight 8-pages issues.

Another mini-series will tell the stories of all five of the kids who eventually become The Ring Masters and how they move from Earth to Saturn–parental permission (or not) and all the other circumstances that made it happen!!

Finally, share the site with your friends and get to know The Ring Masters.  Past copies are available to order and updates will be occurring on a regular basis to let you know what is and will be happening.      NEXT UPDATE:   Positive interactions and networking at the Emerald City Comic Con!!

Thanks for your continued support!!


JD Sweet,

Creator, Writer,

The Ring Masters

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