Issue #2 of The Ring Masters Available!!

Issue #2 now available for purchase!!  The story continues as Jamal, Cody and Jusup plan and execute the rescue of Danny and Daniella, their Ring Masters colleagues.  A new look for Aoki, new intrigues exposed and more questions raised than answered–that is why Revelations is the title.

The Ring Masters Team, JM Comics, is getting a little more stabilized.  Marcos is finalizing the big relocation, Jing and Marcos are working through their collaborative styles and I am moving forward with the scripts for upcoming issues of The Ring Masters and have begun to write other stories that will provide backstory context for the Dalmonians, Onterians and some of the characters–Shi’ Araku Aoki  and U-Mak Junichi, to name a few!!  Additionally, behind the scenes, yet still an integral part of the Team, Michael Wastart and Mike Barnet are providing technical and promotional expertise that has resulted in this new site and upcoming activities like another Kickstarter Campaign.

The Store for this site has been updated–all Issues of The Ring Masters available for purchase. New to the Store is the Black and White Variant Edition of Issue #2. Not only will there be the basic and signed copies, there is also a Limited Edition, Hand-Numbered and signed by Marcos and myself. Edition size is 50 issues, with numbers 27-50 available for purchase.

And… is live. No WordPress or Weebly—straight to the point!! Thank You all for your support. I am looking forward to watching my Vision and Dream, The Ring Masters, come alive and I am glad that you all will be enjoying the ride with me.

JD Sweet

01 Issue 2 front cover

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