New Ring Masters Adventure!

Greetings All! Been busy, busy, busy with my day job, but the school year is almost over and work on The Ring Masters continues. You see pictures of Steven Millage, the artist who will be working on the next The Ring Masters comic: “Shi Araku Aoki–The Journey from The Way.”

This 6 issue mini-series, 8 pages each issues, will chronicle the early years of U-Mak Junichi and his meeting of the individual who would become First Consul Aoki. The religion of The Way will be explained, Corporeal Warriors and Celestial Warriors will be introduced, as well as the beginning backstory of the history of the various factions battling for control of New Jadoon–Saturn!

Steven Millage is an artist who lives in Bremerton, Washington. His work can be seen on his Facebook page, web site, Instagram Steven @millageart and Twitter Steven Millage @MillageArt He will be the featured artist on this mini-series and is interested in getting more involved with The Ring Masters franchise. If all goes well, we may see more of Steven on other projects.

The pictures above are of our production meeting in which Steven is showing me his initial storyboard for Issue #1 of the Shi mini-series. A great meeting and easy collaboration.

Issue #3 of The Ring Masters is in progress, with Marcos working on the pencils and inks, and Jing doing the coloring. More secrets to be revealed and Daniella and Danny will finally be rescued. And that rescue will lead to new intrigues and complications for all the players…and more players there will be!!

Anyway, school will be over on June 21st and I will be posting on a more regular schedule from this point. Share this site with your friends and be sure to check out The Ring Masters Facebook page. The Preview Issue #0 is available for download on the Facebook page, and be sure to sign up and follow these posts on this site. And of course, visit the Store and order back issues of The Ring Masters if you’ve missed any.

Enjoy life and thank you all for support. Share, please comment, and let me know what is on your mind!!

JD Sweet,
Creator, Writer,
The Ring Masters

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