Shi Araku Aoki’s Backstory Begins…!!

rememberances issue 1 pencil 1 2

Who is she?  How did she become First Consul?  How did she become so powerful and become a major player in the political intrigue playing out between the Dalmonian Federation, led by The House of Lar, and the Onterian Council, supported by The Ebonite Alliance?   Why does even the mention of her name shake the indomitable U-Mak Junichi?

The Ring Masters franchise offers the answers to all these questions, and more, in the new mini-series “Shi Araku Aoki–The Journey from The Way.”  This series, each issue 8 pages, will answer the questions but will also reveal more mysteries as First Consul Aoki navigates the political atmosphere after the negotiated release (Teaser Alert–The Ring Masters #3) of Ring Masters Daniella and Danny from their captivity on Onteria Prime.

Written by JD Sweet, pencils and ink by Steven Millage and colors and letters by Jing Wastart–this series will advance the knowledge of the culture and intrigue of the inhabitants of the planet they call New Jadoon, but known to The Ring Masters as Saturn!

Click on link above to get a sneak preview of the first 2 pages of Steven Millage’s pencil work.  As of this writing, the pencil and ink work is more than half done, and the coloring and lettering will commence in late July.  Issue #1 scheduled for a late August, 2019 release.

More information on The Ring Masters Issue #3 will be coming soon…

JD Sweet,

Creator, Writer,

The Ring Masters

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