“Shi Araku’s Journey from The Way” Issue #1 Near Completion!!

Greetings All!!
So much happening in The Ring Masters universe. Issue #3 is progressing very slowly, with lots of technical difficulties creating a delay–however, the first issue of the new entry, Shi Araku’s Journey from the Way, is nearly complete and scheduled for release late September.
Steve Millage is doing the pencils and inks, Jing Wastart the coloring and lettering, yours truly the concept and writing, and Elizabeth Blandin editing the written words! This 8 page issue begins the back story of Shi Araku Aoki, First Counsel of the Onterian Circle, and nemesis of The Ring Masters!
This will be an 8 issue mini-series, with all issues 8 pages. The Way, a key religion on the planet Saturn (New Jadoon to the inhabitants) will be introduced, as well as a bit of the back story of U-Mak Junichi. Throughout the series, basic elements of the culture of New Jadoon, the tenets of The Way and the conflict between the Dalmonians and Onterians will be revealed–and all will compliment the mainline story that will be told in The Ring Masters.

Within the next month, JM Comics will have a new The Ring Masters logo, put together a production schedule for the purposes of establishing consistency so subscriptions for fans and followers can be offered. Yes–subscriptions!! And, merchandise offerings–stickers, buttons, prints (including signed and limited edition offerings)t-shirts and much more…!!

And, I’m slowly building a Give Back component, centered around bringing The Ring Masters to kids in the elementary schools and doing some cool things on the educational side. The visits Marcos and I made to Olympic View Elementary in Federal Way Public Schools, Washington; my work with Editor Elizabeth Blandin visiting Woodlands Elementary in the Central Kitsap School District Silverdale, Washington, and the presentations I’ve made at Fairview Middle School, also in the Central Kitsap School District have all been well received by the teachers and students alike–and have been chronicled on this Facebook page and I want to expand The Ring Masters and share with as many kids as possible–and I will need your help to do so.
Thanks for all support–Follow this page and get notifications and feel free to share with others and/or leave a Reply!!
Until next time….

JD Sweet,
Creator, Writer,
The Ring Masters,
Shi Araku’s Journey from The Way

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