The Ring Masters and New Phase Comics!!

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The Ring Masters franchise has been on hold, but that doesn’t mean it has been idle. JM Comics is being re-branded New Phase Comics, with the first entrant under that name is Issue #1 of Shi Araku’s Journey from The Way. That book made its debut at the Jet City Comic Con (Tacoma, Washington) October 26-27, 2019. During that show, over 30 individual issues of The Ring Masters were sold and many new fans, devotees and supporters were engaged during the show.

The New Phase Comics team is growing, with two new artists, a colorist/letterer, and an editor all firmly committed. A media consultant is also on board and he will direct our next Kickstarter campaign, which will go live after the new year. And of course, I am writing and continuing to create The Ring Masters universe. So much happening–introductions of the full team will be coming soon!

So much happening and it is all good. The New Phase Comics team will be introduced next post; production schedule for the next year shared; and the exciting activities New Phase Comics will be part of creating–all looking good!!

JD Sweet,
Creator, Writer,
The Ring Masters

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