The Ring Masters Issue #3 Up And Running!!

Greetings All,
March 4, 2020 will be the official launch of The Ring Masters Kickstarter!! From now until then, the Pre-Launch information and hype begins…

The Ring Masters franchise has a great team that has been assembled, and I want to introduce you all to the artist that will be the lead on the main title, The Ring Masters–

Dead Robot–Emilio Jorge Mongiovi, is a comic artist, colorist and freelance illustrator from Argentina. He started working in comics in 2004 and has worked with collaborators in Holland, England, France, India and the United States. His training has led him to work on a project from the beginning of the process to the end: pencil sketches to coloring and lettering, conceptual work to storyboarding–all with the primary objective of focusing on and enhancing the narrative!!

His work can be seen at:

Check him out and welcome him to The Ring Masters and New Phase Comics team!!

JD Sweet,
Creator, Writer,
The Ring Masters

The Ring Masters Issues so far: Issues 0, 1, 2…Issue 2 B&W Variant…new title, Shi’s Journey from The Way. Jet City Comic Con, Tacoma, Washington–October 2019
Dead Robot–Emilio Jorge Mongiovi
Dead Robot Studio logo

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