The Ring Masters Kickstarter For Issue #3 Is LIVE!!

This is the text of the initial Kickstarter Introduction…make sure you get a chance to click the link and check out the Rewards!!

The Ring Masterscomic is my life-long dream and it is now a reality.  After a successful launch, it is now time to continue the franchise and introduce new adventures of Jamal, Jusup, Cody, Daniella and Danny.   

                               The Ring Masters Franchise–More to come!!

This Kickstarter will provide the funds needed to insure the continued growth of the franchise–the production, the compensation, the marketing and the sharing with so, so many elementary age students!

Ahhh! An awesome sight for excited eyes–both mine and theirs!!
Living the Dream–sharing, and getting kids excited about–The Ring Masters!!

Of course, adult stories and themes will be explored, so there is room for grown-up enjoyment.  What better way to educate our youth on the challenges of growing up in a diverse, ever-changing world than to share with them the trials, tribulations and lessons we adults have had to successfully navigate?

We have been successful, haven’t we?

                           Early, preliminary sketch of the cover for The Ring Masters #3…           Emilio Jorge Mongiovi is the artist–he signs his work as Dead Robot, and you can see some of his work at: 

          Page 2 Sketch, by artist Steven Millage, from Shi Araku’s Journey from The Way.  More of his work can be seen at:

                      This is one of the Originals that will be drawn by Marcos Medina, for one of the Reward Levels.  He will draw 10  9 x 6 (comic size) for the limited reward.  I will be posting images of the pieces as he finishes, so supporters who pledge can pick their favorite!!   Marcos’ work can be seen at: 

   Early Concept Images by Marcos Medina.  A great start that set the stage for the development of the characters.  So much room for the introduction of the various Houses of Saturn–New Jadoon to its inhabitants–and the two main factions: The Dalmonian Federation and the Onterian Circle.

Risks and challenges

Risks? I prefer challenges! The New Phase Comics team members all have day jobs–compromising time, production schedules and consistent collaboration. The size of the Kickstarter is a bit daunting. Relative to many campaigns, it is small, but I am cognizant of the risks of staking all on an all-or-nothing strategy. And, I am a bit stressed about asking others for support because I dream–and I wonder if others can also dream with me!! However, with all that, I have been encouraged by so many, and frankly, the excitement of the kids every time I have shared The Ring Masters lets me know that all is rolling in the right direction. So, risks and challenges aside, with your help I will continue to persevere…

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