Kickstarter Rolling–23% Funded!!

Greetings All,

Hope you are all staying healthy, safe and practicing the appropriate behaviors that will help us all defeat this virus. These are tough times and it is important that we all do our best to do what is right for the common good.

The Ring Masters Kickstarter is up and running. 29 days to go and at this point, 23% funded. Looks like a stretch, but I have faith it will get to the level needed to be fully funded. That being said, work is progressing.

Jorge Mongiovi, aka did the work on page 3 and will be continuing for the rest of the issue, and beyond. Marcos Medina, the original The Ring Masters artist, is still involved, as you can see from this original piece. More of his work will be highlighted as these updates continue…

Page 2 from Shi’s Journey from The Way, Issue #2, another title in The Ring Masters franchise. This work, pencils and inks, is handled by artist Steven Millage.
This is page 3 pencils from Shi’s Journey, Issue #2, also done by Steven Millage.

As you can see, work is moving forward and there is more in the works. The coloring and lettering for Shi’s Journey will be done by Jing Wastart and when she finishes some of the images, I’ll share with you.

The work progresses and any support, in the way of Kickstarter pledges–or at least–sharing the Kickstarter with those you feel may want to support, would be greatly appreciated.

Until the next update, do stay safe–have a happy and glorious Easter–and find enjoyment and encouragement during these tough times.

JD Sweet, Creator, Writer, The Ring Masters

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