Kickstarter 36% Funded–18 Days To Go–And The Story…

Greetings All,

The Kickstarter that will help fund Issue #3 of The Ring Masters is 36% Funded, with 18 days to go. Check it out, share with friends and family, give a little support if so led!!

In the meantime, what is the story of The Ring Masters all about…

Link to the Kickstarter…check out video and the Rewards!!

     Who are the Dalmonians?  Who are the Onterians?  The Ebonite Alliance?  Who are the major and minor players that inhabit the planet Saturn and how do they exist without any from Earth knowing the do?  And how did five young Earthlings make their way to Saturn and become embroiled in a civil war?

The beginning of the story…at least, one of the beginnings!!

The story of the history before The Great Exodus, or “The Departure,” as some called it, will be detailed in a new mini-series, composed of eight, 8 page issues, entitled The Chronicles of Jadoon.  More information after the rest of the team is put together.  At present, I will be creating and writing the story, and artist Mick Nave will be handling the pencils and inks–and offering some creative touches of his own.

Presently, the Dalmonian Federation inhabits the surface of the planet.  A land mass area the size of earthly Russia-China, under a very strong particle dome, to keep out the poisonous gases, is home to the six Houses that make up the Dalmonian Federation.

The House of Lar rules the Federation and, until the recent surprise return of Emperat Kha’Lar, was ruled by his wife, Una Mat (Only Mate) Skel’Lar.  She is assisted by her son, and next in line to rule, Prince Ja’Brill Lar.  Both are protected by the very mysterious and powerful Overlord U-Mak Junichi:  a man of many, many talents…and secrets!

Una Mat Skel’Lar, of the House of Lar, flanked by her son, Prince Ja’Brill and the House Protector, Overlord U-mak Junichi

Of course, the Onterians, exiled to the surface of the rings, are planning on a surprise “visit” to their cousins on the surface!  The Onterian Circle is composed of seven Houses, and at present no one House has been able to gain ascendancy over the others.  That power vacuum has led to unchallenged rule of First Consul Shi Araku Aoki.  Not a member of any House, she is intelligent, cunning ruthless, but with a charm that disarms all who meet her–until they get in the way of what she wants!

A young Shi Araku Aoki, fighting side by side with U-Mak Junichi. Both were disciples of The Way at one time, he finishing his studies, she just beginning. This image is from Issue #2 of Shi’s Journey from The Way. this is an 8 issue mini-series, 8 pages per issue, that will chronicle the early backstory of Shi’s fall from grace as a disciple of The Way and her eventual rise to power as First Consul of the Onterian Circle. Pencils and inks by Steven Millage; colors and letters by Jing Wastart; creations and writing by JD Sweet.
So apologetic–after an unusual display of her physical prowess! (TRM Issue #2, Page 21)

In addition to the First Consul, issue #3 of The Ring Masters will see the introduction of the Patriarch of The Atheneaum, the monastery/training facility for the disciples of The Way; more of the Dalmonian Federation’s Minister Tok, a duplicitous politician if ever there was; and three members of the Ebonite Alliance–the females Jabiri of the House of Tanis and Ajani of the House of EGIP, and Ajani’s brother,  Na’Aku Tenda.  

Plenty of intrigue and adventure for The Ring Masters as a terrorist attack becomes the singular action that sets in motion events that all lead to a collision of…yikes!  I’m getting ahead of myself!!  More of this will be revealed in later Updates–

For now, keep the Dream alive by sharing this Kickstarter with your networks; thank you for you support; and do stay safe and healthy!!  these are challenging times and we all need to pull together to make things better for all.

JD Sweet,   Creator, Writer,   The Ring Masters

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