A New Member To The Team–Kickstarter Needing Support!!

Greetings All,
Everybody surviving the various elements of shutter in place? Maintaining your sanity? If going out and/or working, being safe?

The Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/the-ring-masters-comic-contin… The Campaign is coming to an end–May 8th. At present it is 46% funded–still a ways to go, but I’m keeping the faith to the last….

Issue #3 moving forward. Jorge has completed page 7, and you can see the original sketch and the finished product. Issue is more than one third done, and inside cover work that I’m responsible for set and ready for melding with upcoming art work.

Preliminary sketch of page 7 of TRM Issue #3…Jorge Mongiovi, aka, Dead Robot
And the finished product!!

Also, 2 more images of the 9×6 Originals that Marcos Medina has completed for the “Pay It forward” Reward Level. Ka’tara, the protege of U-Mak Junichi. She is intelligent, perceptive and a warrior!! And…Ring Master Cody chillin’ on one of his bikes…

Ka’Tara can handle her own, and relishes the opportunity to show it!!
Cody just hanging out. Art by Marcos Medina–one of the Rewards for the “Pay It Forward” Reward Level.
Pascal R. N. Mikulu aka Pascal Freehand. Welcome to the team!!

Finally, I want to introduce the newest member of the New Phase Comics team–Pascal R. N. Mikulu (Pascal Freehand) He is from South Africa, by way of The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and is currently living in Kitsap County, Washington.
He is an artist, working on some of his own comic ideas, but is also an animator!! That is so cool, as I have some ideas of how The ring Masters can be used in that medium, especially to reach out to kids!!
His work can be seen at:
Website: https://pascalricky.wixsite.com/pascamiku and on Facebook at Pascal Freehand. Check him out!! And be looking for a short The Ring Masters animation in the next few days.

Pascal and I looking over a TRM script and corresponding issue. He’s also working on his own comic, that I will help write–and will be doing some animation for The Ring Masters.
The beginning of an awesome collaboration. New Phase Comics and The Ring Masters franchise is picking up quality collaborators who believe in the Vision. I’m loving it and working as hard as possible to justify all the More to come… faith.

The Ring Masters will continue to move forward. Appreciating any and all support to ease the financial burden–and of course, share this Kickstarter Campaign with all in your network.  A week and a half to go–continue to help me finish strong!!

Stay safe and healthy!!

JD Sweet, Creator, Writer, The Ring Masters

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