Kickstarter Down to the Last Hours–70% Funded

New animation video announcing The Ring Masters.

Greetings All,

The Kicstarter is down to the last hours, 54 to be exact. 70% Funded, 40 Backers, and 30 Followers on Kickstarter who have not yet committed to Back the project. Getting down to the wire, but still keeping the faith that this will be fully funded.

Feel free to share the link so others can check out the Kickstarter for themselves.

And, definitely check out the new video, done by the newest member of the New Phase Comics team, Pascal R. N. Mikulu. This will add a new dimension to The Ring Masters franchise–opening up a wide variety of possibilities, especially for elementary aged students!

Thanks for all the support and encouragements–will be continuing updates, particularly after the Kickstarter is fully funded. Please share this site, this update, and the Kickstarter–and if you are so led, support with a pledge.

JD Sweet, Creator, Writer, The Ring Masters

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