Kickstarter Fully Funded!! The Ring Masters Franchise Moving Forward.

Greetings All,
Hope all are safe and healthy, as this pandemic moves on; and hoping all are coping with the increased negative impacts. So much blaming and political posturing–avoid all that and adopt a servant’s heart to stay as positive as you can and help others…

That said–The Ring Masters franchise is moving forward now that the Kickstarter Campaign has been successfully funded. Color and lettering work has commenced on “Shi’s Journey from The Way” and TRM #3 is more than halfway completed.

Kickstarter Update: All Rewards Surveys sent to the 50 Backers;
Five (5) elementary schools will each receive 30 copies of various TRM titles for their school libraries!! That is so cool that some Backers felt the vibe to share TRM with elementary age kids by pledging a large amount to make it happen.

TRM Update: C-19 has slowed things down a bit, as all members of the New Phase Comics team have their own families and responsibilities to attend–Jorge, Jing and Marcos all have elementary ages children at home and balancing my demands (which are not as high a priority–and I get it) with all the demands of work, family, online home school and personal mental and physical refreshing, I am proud how they’ve all kept TRM in focus.

The cover for Shi’s Journey from The Way, Issue #2.

Adjustments: “Shi’s Journey…” #2 will be a 12 page issue. Originally planned for 8, Steven Millage and I agreed that my script would be better framed with more pages, so the expansion.

Page 9 from Issue #2 of “Shi’s Journey…” A young Shi Araku Aoki getting to know one of her assailants–up close and personal!!
Page 11 of TRM #3. After video chats with their earthly families, The Ring Masters debrief…

TRM, New Title/Team Member: “The Chronicles of Jadoon” is the latest TRM title, which will tell the story of what was happening on Jadoon and how some members of the Kalatian civilization made their way to the planet Saturn, in the Milky Way galaxy. Scripted by me and art by Tacoma, Washington artist Mick Nave, the premier issue is well underway.
At present, “The Chronicles…” is scheduled to be an 8 issue, 12 pages and issue, mini-series. However, as Mick and I collaborate, we see possibilities for a regular, on-going series.

Interior page of “The Crhonicles of Jadoon.” First appearance of A’Nari, The Chronicler.
Another interior from “The Chronicles of Jadoon.” Pencils and Inks by Mick Nave.

As you can see, New Phase Comics is expanding a bit and TRM Franchise is alive and well. I am making sure I don’t over-extend my reach, financially and creatively. I am just about at capacity, with with such an awesome team around me, it is much easier to realize my Dream and Vision–and to provide positives for The Ring Master fan base and for so many kids.

Thanks all, and will be in touch…

JD Sweet, Creator, Writer, The Ring Masters

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