TRM #3 in Final Stages…

Greetings All!!

So much has been happening the past month or so. The Franchise has been growing, with Shi’s Journey from The Way Issue #2 completed and printed-and The Chronicles of Jadoon, Issue #1, also completed and printed. Both titles offer a bit of the back story to the main The Ring Masters title.

“The Chronicles…” will focus on the old world of Jadoon, the home world of those who eventually come to inhabit the rings and surface of Saturn. You will be introduced to an adventurer named Ta’Nari, and her stories will tell tales of Jadoon long before the leaving of the dying planet. And, “The Chroinicles…” will focus on the last years of the dying Jadoon, and the intrigues that characterized the leaving of the planet…

Shi’s Journey…” will continue the origin story of First Consul Shi Araku Aoki, and provide more information about the storyline that will play out in the main title, The Ring Masters.

And speaking of The Ring Masters, Issue #3 was shut down for a bit as Jorge had to deal with a medical situation that required him to hold off on his work. He was out for about two and a half weeks and is just now coming back into form. With 23 pages done, we are at the end, but need to finish strong and get that 24 page issue to print. We’re anticipating getting all wrapped up and off to print this week. In the meantime, prints, book marks, buttons, a two The Ring Masters wallpapers are being made ready for the Kickstarter Fulfillment, and soon to be available for any who like to purchase. Also getting t-shirts in the mix–hoping to have all ready right in time for the Christmas Season. Gifts galore!!

Thanks all, for the support and patience. I’ll let you know when Issue #3 is completed, and will have a complete list of available products with special, “Bye-Bye and Good Riddance 2020” prices!! Until then, stay safe, healthy and positive.

JD Sweet,

New Phase Comics, Creator,

Writer, The Ring Masters Franchise

The Chronicles of Jadoon Cover for Issue #1

Shi’s Journey from The Way Cover for Issue #2

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