The Ring Masters Still Going Strong…

(Greetings All!! It has been a while since I’ve communicated—but now an update: The images are from the recent OCE ComicCon I promoted and hosted at the Silverdale Mall on June 26, 2021. On the OCE Facebook page: ( is information about the show–this post is about The Ring Masters presence and acceptance by many fans.

Really cool was the number of youngsters who came out to learn a bit more about The Ring Masters, particularly young African-American creators who are exploring their own writing and drawing. We had great conversations and it was so cool to see their excitement seeing my work and being inspired. Karen Vargas, who brought many of the young creators to the show, wants to set up a workshop later this summer in which I can spend more quality time with the young creators and share a bit of my creative process and the creation of a whole new “universe”, character development and all things comic. Can’t wait to see if that takes place!!

On another quick note, The ring Masters Issue #4 is in the works. Script has been sent to my Argentinian artist, Jorge, and he has sketched the first five pages. I’ve checked them and we are making some adjustments, as I see how he has created the Vision I expressed in the script. The creative, collaborative process for this next issue has begun!!

Will break off for now, but now that I’ve had a brief rest, more timely posts will begin. So much to report and I want all to keep engaged with what I’m doing and all things The Ring Masters!!JD Sweet, Creator, Writer, The Ring Masters, and Franchise Titles “Shi Araku’s Journey from The Way” and “The Chronicles of Jadoon.”

JD Sweet,

Creator, Writer,

The Ring Masters and

Franchise Titles–“Shi’s Journey from the Way” and “The Chronicles of Jadoon”

A young creator showing me some of his work. The OCE ComicCon, June 26, 2021, Kitsap Mall

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