A Long Hiatus…Still Rolling!

So much has been happening in The Ring Masters world. A new comic brand, more titles and an expanded team make for new and exciting growth for The Ring Masters franchise.

First, New Phase Comics is in the house!! The brand that will cover all the titles of The Ring Masters Franchise, as well as other titles from other creators. Brimstone Terrafirma is one of the new titles, not connected to The Ring Masters, that will carry the New Phase Comics brand.

Issue #4 of The Ring Masters is in production. The past year and a half Covid has disrupted the production process of New Phase Comics as creators have had to handle life responsibilities, and in some cases, had to attend to their own health needs. Still, all connected to New Phase Comics have come out of that fog in good shape and are ready to continue the work .

The chronicle of activity can be found on Facebook…https://www.facebook.com/TheRingMastersComic…where some of the work I’ve done, sharing The Ring Masters with elementary age students, can be seen. More to come in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

JD Sweet,

New Phase Comics,

The Ring Masters

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