The Ring Masters Kickstarter For Issue #3 Is LIVE!!

This is the text of the initial Kickstarter Introduction…make sure you get a chance to click the link and check out the Rewards!! The Ring Masterscomic is my life-long dream and it is now a reality.  After a successful launch, it is now time to continue the franchise and introduce new adventures of Jamal, Jusup, […]

The Ring Masters Issue #3 Up And Running!!

Greetings All,March 4, 2020 will be the official launch of The Ring Masters Kickstarter!! From now until then, the Pre-Launch information and hype begins… The Ring Masters franchise has a great team that has been assembled, and I want to introduce you all to the artist that will be the lead on the main title, […]

The Ring Masters Back On Track!!

Been so busy lately that I have neglected keeping you all informed about what has been happening in The Ring Masters Comic world!Briefly–Issue #3, long delayed, is back on track with a scheduled February 2020 release. A new artist is on board and he has the script and has been in constant communication with me. […]

The Ring Masters and New Phase Comics!!

The Ring Masters franchise has been on hold, but that doesn’t mean it has been idle. JM Comics is being re-branded New Phase Comics, with the first entrant under that name is Issue #1 of Shi Araku’s Journey from The Way. That book made its debut at the Jet City Comic Con (Tacoma, Washington) October […]

The Ring Masters Issue #3 In Progress

  Issue #3 of The Ring Masters is in progress. After a few delays related to the cross country move and all the details of searching for, buying and moving into a new house; and dealing with a few unexpected events–Marcos is back on track penciling and inking the pages for Issue #3. The Twins […]