Issue #2 of The Ring Masters Available!!

Issue #2 now available for purchase!!  The story continues as Jamal, Cody and Jusup plan and execute the rescue of Danny and Daniella, their Ring Masters colleagues.  A new look for Aoki, new intrigues exposed and more questions raised than answered–that is why Revelations is the title. The Ring Masters Team, JM Comics, is getting […]

Issue #2 of The Ring Masters in off to the printers and will be released during the first week of April, 2019.  A work in progress due to many interruptions, it continues the rescue of Danny and Daniella, introduces new intrigue and new mysteries.  Be looking for it on our new web site:      […]

Welcome To The Ring Masters!!

    At present, there are 3 issues of The Ring Masters in print.  The Preview Issue #0 introduces the characters as they engage in a secret mission on Onteria Prime, a city located on the rings of Saturn.  Issue #1 continues the secret mission and (spoiler alert!) the rescue of Daniella and Danny, and […]

We are… the Ring Masters!

Welcome to The Ring Masters!! A comic book series introducing African-American kids from Earth helping swing the tide of a civil war taking place on the planet of Saturn. This project is the culmination of wanting to create a positive image of African-American students after years of seeing negative imagery portrayed in popular culture While […]