The Ring Masters and New Phase Comics!!

The Ring Masters franchise has been on hold, but that doesn’t mean it has been idle. JM Comics is being re-branded New Phase Comics, with the first entrant under that name is Issue #1 of Shi Araku’s Journey from The Way. That book made its debut at the Jet City Comic Con (Tacoma, Washington) October […]

The Ring Masters Issue #3 In Progress

  Issue #3 of The Ring Masters is in progress. After a few delays related to the cross country move and all the details of searching for, buying and moving into a new house; and dealing with a few unexpected events–Marcos is back on track penciling and inking the pages for Issue #3. The Twins […]

Shi Araku Aoki’s Backstory Begins…!!

rememberances issue 1 pencil 1 2 Who is she?  How did she become First Consul?  How did she become so powerful and become a major player in the political intrigue playing out between the Dalmonian Federation, led by The House of Lar, and the Onterian Council, supported by The Ebonite Alliance?   Why does even the […]

New Ring Masters Adventure!

Greetings All! Been busy, busy, busy with my day job, but the school year is almost over and work on The Ring Masters continues. You see pictures of Steven Millage, the artist who will be working on the next The Ring Masters comic: “Shi Araku Aoki–The Journey from The Way.” This 6 issue mini-series, 8 […]

Issue #2 of The Ring Masters Available!!

Issue #2 now available for purchase!!  The story continues as Jamal, Cody and Jusup plan and execute the rescue of Danny and Daniella, their Ring Masters colleagues.  A new look for Aoki, new intrigues exposed and more questions raised than answered–that is why Revelations is the title. The Ring Masters Team, JM Comics, is getting […]

Issue #2 of The Ring Masters in off to the printers and will be released during the first week of April, 2019.  A work in progress due to many interruptions, it continues the rescue of Danny and Daniella, introduces new intrigue and new mysteries.  Be looking for it on our new web site:      […]

Welcome To The Ring Masters!!

    At present, there are 3 issues of The Ring Masters in print.  The Preview Issue #0 introduces the characters as they engage in a secret mission on Onteria Prime, a city located on the rings of Saturn.  Issue #1 continues the secret mission and (spoiler alert!) the rescue of Daniella and Danny, and […]

We are… the Ring Masters!

Welcome to The Ring Masters!! A comic book series introducing African-American kids from Earth helping swing the tide of a civil war taking place on the planet of Saturn. This project is the culmination of wanting to create a positive image of African-American students after years of seeing negative imagery portrayed in popular culture While […]